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There is no better way to get around Sydney than by minibus especially for large group of people. Whether you're heading to the beach, a sporting event, or just exploring the city, Silver Cab Services minibus Sydney offer an easy and convenient group transportation option. With plenty of room for large groups of people and luggage, our minibuses are ideal for commuting and sightseeing in Sydney.

Not only are our minibuses great for group travel, but they are also fantastic for special occasions like weddings, birthdays and other events. With our luxury minibuses featuring extras like plush leather seating and tinted windows, your guests will be travelling in style! No matter what type of minibus service you require, there is something available to fit your budget and needs.

So why wait? Book a minibus today and make your trip to Sydney that much easier!

When you hire our minibus Sydney, here's what to anticipate:

→ Looking for a minibus hire to your group transfers Sydney?

✓ Ideal for Group Transfers in Sydney

✓ Designed with plenty of room & comfort to accommodate Family Outings, Friends Get together and Business Parties

✓ can transfers up to 12 people at once

✓ Hire 24 X 7 services minibus Sydney for Airport transfers, cruise rides, weddings, events & more.

Big Maxi Taxi for a family outing

Minibus Sydney @near me

Our minibus Sydney is on your way! And it's easy to get an affordable minibus service Sydney from us that suits your needs. Our Professional drivers can take you anywhere you need to go in Sydney, from the beautiful Blue Mountains to Bondi Beach, Opera House, etc. Our minibus services will also pick up and drop off at the airport so you have one less thing to worry about when traveling.

Silver Cab Services - Minibus Seat Capacity - 12 Seater Minibus Hire

Our minibus models in Sydney can seat up to 12 passengers, although some larger minibuses can accommodate up to 16 passengers. Depending on the model, minibuses may also have some seating room for luggage and other cargo. Our minibus come fitted with comfortable, plush seats, air conditioning, tinted windows, and audio-visual entertainment systems, providing a pleasant ride for all occupants. In addition, minibuses usually feature safety features such as anti-lock brakes and airbags. When it comes to minibus rental in Sydney, we don’t provide it. There are many companies available in Sydney that provide minibus on rent.

Special Minibus Services to Sydney Airport Transfers

Our Minibus Sydney provides comfortable and cost-effective minibus services for airport transfers to/from Sydney Airport. Our minibuses are all modern and well-maintained, providing a smooth ride perfect for long trips. Our minibuses are also fitted with GPS tracking systems, providing added peace of mind while travelling.

Our minibus services cover the whole of Sydney area, including suburbs such as Parramatta, Campbelltown, Liverpool and Blacktown. We offer competitive pricing packages tailored to meet your needs – whether it’s a one way or return transfer from the airport or just around town. Contact us today to find out more about how we can help you make your next minibus trip to Sydney Airport or anywhere else in the Sydney area a pleasant one!

Maxi Taxi Services to Sydney Airport Transfers


The best & most reliable transportation service for travelling in a group or Family.

Sydney Minibus fitted with Baby Seat

Our Sydney minibuses are the perfect way to transport large groups of people in comfort, and now they come fitted with a baby seat! Our minibuses can accommodate up to 10 individuals, plus one infant in safety and security. Our minibus seats have been designed for optimal comfort, featuring extra leg room and adjustable headrests. Our minibus also comes equipped with air conditioning, ensuring your passengers stay cool during their journey. And for those travelling with an infant, our minibuses provide a secure baby seat that is suitable for babies up to 12 months old and meets all relevant Australian safety standards. So whether you’re heading out on a family trip or transporting a group of friends around town, our Sydney Minibus has you covered!

Sydney Minibus fitted with Wheelchair

Our Sydney minibus services provide an accessible way to travel around the city with wheelchair facilities. Eliminating the need for costly taxis, our minibuses offer a convenient and cost-effective alternative when traveling with a wheelchair. The Sydney minibuses come equipped with a ramp to make it easier to enter and exit the vehicle, as well as straps and other devices that can be used to secure a wheelchair in place during transit. Our minibus drivers are experienced in providing extra care and attention when working with passengers who need help getting on and off the minibus. They also understand how important it is for people in wheelchairs to get around safely, so they are well-equipped to handle any challenges that may arise. With dependable minibus transport in Sydney, those who require wheelchair assistance no longer have to worry about finding an affordable means of transportation.

Hire Minibus Sydney - Silver Cab Services

No matter what kind of minibus hire needs you have in Sydney, Silver Cab Services is ready to fullfill your group travel needs. With our minibus service, you can rest assured that your travels across Sydney’s will be stress-free and enjoyable! Call to hire our minibus Sydney service now.


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